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Business Services


Helping the small to mid-size business client with a wide range of necessary services, including entity selection & creation, maintenance of corporate books, acting as registered agents and business continuity planning

The business entity has a rich and storied history. From the formation of the first companies in ancient Rome and India, the business entity, whether a corporation, limited liability company or partnership, has become the cornerstone of business throughout the world. In the United States, owning your own business is the dream of most entrepreneurs. With the dream come both the legal and practical implications of forming your business. Pesner Altmiller Melnick DeMers & Steele can provide you with guidance on selecting and creating your business, acting as its registered agent, maintaining compliance with state and local governments, conducting your required meeting and domesticating your company in other jurisdictions. If your business is already up and running, we can help keep it in working order with maintenance of your corporate books and negotiating & drafting agreements of all varieties.


We believe that the interests of the business owner touch and concern all aspects of the law. Therefore, each of our practice areas stand ready to assist you should your business become a factor in another legal matter, including:

  • Family Law: Family disputes nearly always involve economic concerns. When those concerns involve a family business, our experienced attorneys will assist you in making the decisions that will enable a positive resolution.

  • Trusts & Estates: Client's business concerns can be a top priority when they are planning their estate. Our Estate Planning team can help you with a business continuity plan as well as creating family limited liability companies or limited partnerships.

  • Real Estate: Our representation of builders, renovators and land developers covers the creation of homeowner's associations and their accompanying documents, acting as Mechanic's Lien Agents, and all associated construction agreements.

  • Litigation: Our Litigation team is prepared to serve the demands of business clients by providing representation on disputes over ownership, non-compete agreements, employment discrimination, collections, and construction matters.

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