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Serving the demands of small business clients by providing corporate counsel and business litigation services

Although it is rarely the first option, there are times when litigation is the only way to vindicate our clients' rights. When litigation becomes necessary or unavoidable, our job is to provide our clients good counsel and zealous advocacy. As counsellors at law, we provide our clients the advice they need in order to best decide how to proceed in litigation. As advocates, we employ the process of litigation to accomplish our clients' goals, up to and including trial.

We are trial lawyers. While it is always our ultimate goal to achieve our clients' objectives as efficiently and favorably as possible through a negotiated settlement, we have found that the most effective way to achieve those objectives is by preparing diligently for the possibility that the case may go to trial.

We are a paperless office, which means that all of our litigation documents are stored electronically. This system provides a tremendous advantage in the litigation process, and facilitates timely and efficient communication with our clients. This is why we have invested a significant amount of our resources in computer software and staff training.

Virginians are fortunate that the local judiciary has placed an emphasis on quick dispute resolution. In the State courts, the general rule is that cases go to trial within one year of being filed. In Federal court, matters may be resolved even sooner.

To date, the Firm’s litigation practice, whether originating litigation on behalf of client/plaintiffs or providing defense on behalf of client/defendants, has focused on the following areas:

  • Real Estate Litigation

  • Breach of Contract

  • Construction Litigation

  • Partition Suits

  • Mechanics’ Liens

  • Suits to Quiet Title

  • Commercial litigation

  • Landlord Tenant

  • Will Contests

  • Trust and Estates Litigation

  • Business Torts

  • Employment Contracts and Covenants Not to Compete

  • Corporate Governance and Shareholder Disputes

  • Litigation over the Dissolution or Wind Down of Business Entities

  • Shareholder Buyout Agreements

  • Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act

  • Creditor's rights, including collections of judgments

  • Family Law Litigation

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